Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Audiovisual Council hosts roundtable on “Audiovisual Media: Norms, realities and challenges”

On 04 June 2024, the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan organzed a roundtable with participation of representatives of the online media entities on “Audiovisual Media: Norms, realities and challenges”.

Opening the event with an introductory speech, Fazil Novruzov, the Head of the Office of the Audiovisual Council, noted that the purpose of the roundtable is to broaden communication with representatives of online media entities, as well as to raise awareness of media representatives about audiovisual media, its regulation and the Council's activities. Providing extensive coverage of the activities of the Council, Fazil Novruzov said the Council monitors all nationwide broadcasters on a regular basis, and monitors other broadcasters periodically and on the basis of complaints.

The Head of the Office added that in 2023, broadcasters were warned 6 times for a number of violations, and sanctions of suspension of broadcasting were imposed 4 times. Also, from the beginning of 2024 to date, the sanction of suspension of broadcasting has been applied once.

Nemat Javadov, the Head of the Law and International Cooperation Department of the Council's Office made a comprehensive presentation  on the audiovisual media and its regulation norms in Azerbaijan. Media representatives were given detailed information on the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international practice, the duties of the state in the field of media, media freedom, the right to refute, correct and respond, as well as about the audiovisual media entities and other issues.

Taleh Guliyev, the Head of the Communications Sector of the Council's Office, provided a detailed information on the booklet “Protection of Children's Rights in Audiovisual Media”, recently published by the Audiovisual Council on the occasion of the International Children's Day. He said that children's issue, especially the protection of children from harmful information, is a priority in the activities of the Council. The Council regularly organizes a variety of events, including seminars, roundtables and trainings to raise awareness of audiovisual media entities on children's issue.

The event continued with question-and-answer session.