Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted a decision to suspend broadcasting of "MTV" channel for 8 hours


On February 22, 2024 the meeting of the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held. The situation related to broadcasting of video footage of teenage girls insulting each other, which has been widely discussed in recent days, was discussed at the meeting.

In this regard, the issue of violation of requirements of the Articles 14.1.4 (racial, religious, origin, sexual, ethnic and other discrimination should not be propagated, as well as open calls for ethnic, racial or religious enmity should not be made.), 14.1.9 (defamation, insults and hate speech should not be tolerated) and 15.1.5 (any information about the identity of minor suspects, accused or victims is not allowed to be disseminated by media subjects and journalists without the consent of those persons and their legal representatives.) of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Media" within coverage of the same topic during the program "Tarixin bir günü" ("One day of Tarikh") broadcast on "MTV" channel from 12:00 to 15:00 on the 20th of February was discussed.

Linking the unlawful and abusive actions of one of the girls to another with the place of birth of the girls, and thereby discrimination and insulting those who settled in this settlement, as well as an open demonstration of the face of a teenage girl who committed the same actions, were assessed as a direct violation of the requirements of the law.

With the unanimous opinion of the Members of the Audiovisual Council, a decision was adopted to temporarily suspend the broadcasting of "MTV" television channel which committed these violations for 8 hours from 09:00 to 17:00 on February 27, 2024.